3 Ideas To Add Warmth To Your House


Feeling the chill this winter season? We are here at Bed Bath and Linen! There are often rooms around the house that are left looking sterile and cold without the right decorating. This is why we have come up with some simple ways to add some warmth to your lounge room, bedroom and bathroom.

Lounge Room: The quickest way to add warmth to a lounge room is by choosing an appropriate colour palette. There are certain colour palettes that will liven up a room quick smart. Think burnt sienna, mustard and orange. Once you have decided on a colour that will best suit your lounge room, the easiest way to translate colour is through adding accessories such as cushions. Cushions are great because they come in different shapes and sizes and are simple decorations to have on any lounge. At Bed Bath and Linen we have a fantastic selection of cushions in a wide range of colours that are sure to make your lounge room appear more cosy!

Bathroom:  Usually the coldest room in the entire house as tiles and glass are hardly materials that scream warmth. Adding a nice fluffy bath mat in a warm colour is the perfect solution for this. Matching the colour of your towels during the cooler seasons will also help add some heat to your bathroom. Remember that textures are a great way of tricking the eye in thinking a room is warmer than it really is. So a fluffy bath mat or thick soft towels are a great way to make your bathroom as warm and inviting as possible.

Bedroom: Possibly the most important room to heat up during the winter season. To avoid the chilly weather, invest in a real winter weight quilt that will make you feel the difference. Make your bedroom a welcoming place to be by changing your quilt cover to suit the winter colour trends – you can instantly turn your bedroom into a winter retreat with this tip. Also, layering your bedding with cosy blankets on top of your flannelette sheets is a fantastic way of keeping the warmth in whilst you snooze.

For more ways to keep your house looking and feeling cosy this winter season, browse the wide range of products that we have on offer at Bed Bath and Linen.

Love BBL xx

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