Using Textures and Patterns to Create a New Look

Using Textures and Patterns to Create a New Look


The season ahead welcomes change!
It’s time to get creative and explore the different textures and patterns that are available to give your current décor some character. It’s easy, fun and can easily define the mood and look of a room in an instant!


Keep textures and patterns minimal by avoid going over the top if it’s your first time adding textures and patterns into your current design. You can add texture through your quilt and pillow covers, and follow it with patterned cushions – see our cushions here (link). This will instantly draw attention to any bed without being over the top.


For a more subtle look, opt for textured cushions or smaller items such as a patterned vase to decorate around the lounge room area. A patterned cushion will add contrast against a plain sofa instantly. Small accessories such as these will help to break up any bland look. See our gorgeous range of cushions here!


To differentiate a feminine decor use elegant and subtle textures. The more neutral the room, the more important texture will become as the shading of the colour makes it harder to visually see the textures. It’s about defining a balance between femininity and design. For a more masculine decor, focus on rugged textures that bring forth a heavier design.  These types of design are ideal for larger rooms mainly because the heavy textures will not ‘eat’ up too much space.

For those with a bigger budget, consider doing a complete makeover by using patterned tiles around the home, or textured wallpaper in summer colour hues. This will dramatically exhibit a new look for your home. The chosen colours can be similarly related or heavily contrasted against a smoother, plain texture.


A rule of thumb to follow is to use subtle patterns for a room that is designed to be less noisy, and reserve the wild patterns for rooms that are meant for socializing such as the lounge or kitchen room.


Follow our guideline and you’ll be sure to impress your guests next time!


Love BBL xx

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