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Colour Coding For Your Room


Colours can create an instant face lift to any room. It’s also an effective way to boost your mood and to create change around the house. We all love a change! It’s as good as a holiday!

If this is your first time to implement colour, consider choosing one room to start first and choose one colour you would like to work with. This can be your favourite colour. If this is a lighter or softer hue, pair it with a darker shade to contrast the two colours. By doing this, it will add some depth to the room, and draw in particular items that you wish to be the main focus of attention.

A great place to start is to take into consideration the location of your neighbourhood. If you live in woody areas, take cue and implement greens, browns and beige. If you live near the water, tropical hues such as yellow, blue and greens would be your ideal colours.

Let us know what your favourite colour combinations are and if you have any other suggestions, please share with us!

Love BBL xx

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