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How To Keep Your Towels Nice and Fluffy


Ever wondered how hotels always manage to keep their towels so soft, after such continuous use? It’s all in the way they do their laundry. Here, we’ll show you how they keep it ever so soft and white.

The secret ingredient is in your kitchen!

Rough, dry towels are a result of a build up of washing detergent, fabric softeners and mineral deposits. Over time, this also makes the towels less absorbent, and more prone to turning grey. We highly recommend separating your white towels from your coloured towels, and also washing your sheets and other items separately. This will help to avoid pilling and unnecessary migration of lint onto other items.

To remove chemical build up in towels and to restore their softness, add half a cup of white vinegar into the rinse cycle. The vinegar residual odour should not be evident, however, you can follow up with another rinse (minus the detergent) to remove any excess odour. Do this every few weeks to maintain the towel’s softness.

For the final step, we recommend using a tumble dryer at the end to dry your towels. This ensures that your towels are extra soft and fluffy to the touch.

To eliminate mineral deposits from your washing machine, simply use liquid bleach concentrate. Hotels use bleach as an agent remover, to kill both bacteria and mineral deposits from the washing machine itself.

Now it’s time to get washing and restore back your towel’s softness and fluffiness!


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