Summer Styling


In the midst of the hot weather, adding more character to your room seems the best way to spice it up this summer! Get creative and become your own interior designer with the help of these three simple tips to add character to your room. These three do-it-yourself styling ideas are simple and easy to implement.


Yellow and cream are essential colours of summer, and can be used as the colour theme to add to your room. Start by choosing a simple cream quilt cover, and add yellow pillows of different shapes and styles. The yellow colour palette depends on your decorative style, where you can stick to one shade of yellow. If you can’t, choose different shades ranging from sunny bright yellow, to pale or darker hues. These two colours are guaranteed to give your bedroom a brighter, open feel and serves well in characterising the summer vibe. Our Lilith Lea Quilt Cover Set  is a perfect addition for your bedroom and is on sale for just $70!



Finding a comfy armchair for your room will give it a relaxing feel and provide a nice place to sit down and unwind at the end of the day.  Visit the markets to find a one of a kind chair at a cheaper price! Treating yourself with an armchair will make you feel as though you are on summer holidays all year around and create the perfect atmosphere to finish that book you have been longing to read!


Floral Patterns

Another way to create the summer feeling all year round is by decorating with floral patterns, maybe in the form of curtains or small cushions.  There are so many different patterns and flower designs you’re sure to find something to suit your taste.  For a classic floral pattern you can’t go past The Clarissa, in black and white it enables you to decorate the rest of your room with any colour you like!  The Clarissa is guaranteed to keep you in the summer mood all year around even when winter hits and is a complete steal at $49!



Happy decorating!!


Love BBL xx

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